Choose your color and in 5 minutes it’s READY!! 

Our designers always take maximum care of the IMAGE to obtain the premium brands that currently guarantee us.



In continuous DEVELOPMENT, we manufacture our products of the highest quality.




We create your color instantly. Bodywork, decoration or industry.

Choose your color and in 5 minutes you have it READY!!


We have the latest generation spectrophotometer 12/6 that uses two light sources – blue and white LED – to obtain 6 photos and 12 geometries that analyze the color and pigments allowing us to reliably identify the “more difficult” colors. The paint is ALWAYS of the highest quality.

Approved by all car manufacturers.



We can make more than 10.000 colors since we have at your disposal the RAL, PANTONE, NCS, EUROTREN, NOVA color charts.


For greater comfort in bodywork and industry we elaborate your color in SPRAY, only in 1 MINUTE.

In Cepisa we are committed to the environment.

That is why we are in a permanent process of improvement, with the intention of contributing to the path of improvement towards a more balanced and less harmful ecosystem. Day by day we try to go one step further.




We have an area set up for recycling.


We separate polluting products by categories for a better waste disposal.



We have the ECOLABEL European Ecological Label for our ECOPLAST paint, certifying it as an ecological and environmentally friendly paint.

 – SERIE-100 and AGILIS are the most eco-efficient body paints. They are 40% below the legal limit of VOC emissions.

In addition to the paint, the rest of the GLASURIT and RM products are ECOBALANCE and E-SENSE certified, respectively, which help to conserve the environment by reducing CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.

 They meet the requirements of the ECOLOGICAL LABEL of the European Union.



Rigorous quality controls. Manufacturing batches and color extension samples to guarantee the verification and accuracy of the colors made. We make color samples before they reach our customers.

(Ecolabel). ASSIGNED REGISTRATION NUMBER: ES-AR/044/001 Class A+ Classification (VOC’s emission test, according to ISO 16000-6:2006).

* Reaction to fire classification B-s1.d0 (UNE EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2010).

Read quality policy

CENTRAL DE PINTURAS INDUSTRIALES S.A. aspires to achieve a high level of quality as a distributor of paints and accessories in the sectors of bodywork, decoration and industry. That is why our main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, offering them the best service, through the quality of our products and the excellent attention of our workers, as well as meeting the requirements of the manufacturers.

For this we have material and technical means and a qualified team whose mission is always to meet customer requirements and maintain a high degree of satisfaction with respect to our services.

CENTRAL DE PINTURAS INDUSTRIALES S.A., aware of the importance of quality, as well as the need for good management of resources, is committed to the dissemination of these values throughout the organization. For this purpose, it implements and maintains a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

This Quality Management System aims to ensure the best possible compliance with our commitments to both funding agencies and customers, so that our services and products better meet their needs.

As a permanent objective with our clients, in addition to aiming to achieve their maximum satisfaction through quality service, the following aspects are also important:

√ Promote a process of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management system.

√ Continuous and personalized attention to the client, understanding their needs through fluid communication.

 √ Comply with the requirements of customers, ISO 9001:2015, current legislation and other interested parties.

 √ To continuously improve our services, making a constant effort to update our knowledge in new areas that allow us to be at the forefront of our sector, updating our work tools and thus anticipating the new demands and/or needs of our customers.

√ Instruct, motivate and involve all personnel in the management and development of the Quality Management System, promoting continuous training to ensure a high degree of qualification of our employees.

 √ Use, as far as possible, of new technologies and equipment.



Rigurosos controles de calidad. Lotes de Fabricación y extensión colores muestras para garantizar la verificación y exactitud de los colores hechos. Realizamos muestras de color antes de que lleguen a nuestros clientes.

(Ecolabel). Nº DE REGISTRO ASIGNADO: ES-AR/044/001 Clasificación Clase A+ (ensayo de emisión de VOC’s, según ISO 16000-6:2006)
* Clasificación de reacción al fuego B-s1.d0 (UNE EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2010)

Leer política de calidad

CENTRAL DE PINTURAS INDUSTRIALES S.A. aspira a conseguir un alto nivel de calidad como distribuidor de pinturas y anexos en los sectores de carrocería, decoración e industria. Es por ello que nuestro principal objetivo es lograr la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, ofreciéndoles el mejor servicio, mediante la calidad de nuestros productos y la excelente atención de nuestros trabajadores, así como cumplir las exigencias de los fabricantes.

Para ello contamos con medios materiales y técnicos y un equipo humano cualificado cuya misión es siempre cumplir con los requisitos del cliente y mantener un elevado grado de satisfacción con respecto a nuestros servicios.

CENTRAL DE PINTURAS INDUSTRIALES S.A., consciente de la importancia de la calidad, así como de la necesidad de una buena gestión de los recursos, se compromete a la difusión de dichos valores a toda la entidad. Para ello implanta y mantiene un SISTEMA DE GESTIÓN DE LA CALIDAD en base a los requisitos de la norma ISO 9001:2015.

Dicho Sistema de Gestión de Calidad tiene como objetivo garantizar el mejor cumplimiento posible de nuestros compromisos tanto con los organismos financiadores como con los clientes, de forma que nuestros servicios y productos respondan mejor a sus necesidades.

Como objetivo permanente con nuestros clientes, además de proponernos conseguir su máxima satisfacción a través de un servicio de calidad, también resultan importantes los siguientes aspectos:

√ Promover un proceso de mejora continua de la eficacia del sistema de Gestión de Calidad.

√ Atención continuada y personalizada al cliente, comprendiendo sus necesidades a través de una comunicación fluida.

√ Cumplir con los requisitos de los clientes, de la norma ISO 9001:2015, de la legislación vigente y de otras partes interesadas.

√ Mejorar continuamente nuestros servicios, realizando un constante esfuerzo de actualización de conocimientos en nuevas áreas que nos permita situarnos a la vanguardia de nuestro sector, actualizar las herramientas de trabajo y adelantándonos así a las nuevas demandas y/o necesidades de nuestros clientes.

√ Instruir, motivar e implicar a todo el personal en la gestión y desarrollo del Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad, fomentando la formación continua para asegurar un alto grado de cualificación de nuestros empleados.

√ Utilización, en la medida de lo posible, de nuevas tecnologías y equipamientos.